Linda Gallus – Featured Artist

Exhibition Dates

September 28th – October 25th

Some years ago Linda moved from central Victoria to Geelong. Living near the coast has given her the opportunity to spend hours walking on the beach observing the birds, plants, shore lines, sea creatures, ships, boats and stunning vistas of the Bellarine Peninsula. The history and geography of this area has fascinated her and is a source of endless inspiration. Indigenous culture, story-telling, under and above the sea, and the flora and fauna of the beautiful Bellarine provide her with constant material to explore and enjoy.

Linda’s artwork finds expression through a broad range of mediums. In addition to printing on fabric she likes to use collage, oil painting, drawing, photography, book illustration, resin casting and more recently, printing onto metal using a heat press.

Printing onto fabric:

This way of working allows Linda to do detailed small scale drawings on paper which are then enlarged onto fabric by way of digital printing. The textural qualities of the pencils, wash and pens is emphasised through this magnification making the larger fabric artworks more expressive and fluid than the original small drawings. Combining detailed drawings, loose washed areas and text enables her to explore the interesting historical aspects of all things to do with ships, boats and a variety of cultures who depend on the sea for their livelihood.

Linda has been inspired by a wonderful book called ‘The Lore of Ships’, which was produced in the 1970s. The book is a manual on all things to do with ships and boats from prehistoric times to the modern day. She finds the documentary style and informative nature of the illustrations in the book quite fascinating in both a visual and aesthetic sense. Linda has borrowed the images quite literally and has used them to tell a story, each banner having a separate theme. At the same time Linda enjoys the playful and joyous aspects of colour, shape and pattern. Linda has always liked to draw in detail, paying careful attention to proportions and decorative aspects and likes to include text that is related to the story in the artworks.

The exhibition runs from September 28th – October 25th . The official opening of the exhibition is to be held on Saturday 3rd October at Tussock Upstairs Gallery 3-5pm

Other artists works on show include:

Sue Cumming, Priscilla Fenton, Vicki Green, Jane Kempe, Josh McCrimmon, Tom Wells, and collaborative works by Jenny Laidlaw and Matthew Stevenson