Bevan Shepherd – New Works

Bevan Shepherd

Purchase an artwork by Bevan Shepherd on line .  email us at: for a private viewing at Bevan’s studio in Point Lonsdale or payment and delivery.

‘Bay Entrance’ – Point Lonsdale’  2020c  Oil on canvas 124cm X 77cm

‘Pool’  2020c  Oil on canvas 91cm X 61cm

‘The Walk – Point Lonsdale’  2020c  Oil on canvas 153 cm […]

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Tracy Watt

Tracy Watt
Having spent the major part of my career designing for film and theatre, I am drawn to story telling, and creating different moods with my visual images. I aim for the viewers to discover for themselves anything, from  a dramatic statement to a subtle and delicate suggestion, that connects to their experiences of our […]

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