‘Politics, Landscapes, and Memories’

Chris Shelton featured Artist Tussock Upstairs Gallery – April 28th – May 24th

Since 1989, he has created and produced eight large one-man exhibitions that loosely follow his belief that Art = Life.

When not wrestling with the political foibles and complexities of those who think they know what is best for us, he explores the sweet, colourful and curvaceous things we all need: food, flowers and the underlying female forms within the landscape.

As a featured artist at Tussock Upstairs Gallery during May visitors to the gallery will see a range of examples of Chris’s work that spans many years of exploring these aspects of life.

Chris believes that when you set out on a journey you should have a vague idea where it may go. He now feels he is a fair way down the visually driven path, but that the end is no closer or clearer. The more he tries to settle it down, the complexities of daily life keep throwing up images that require some attempt at resolution. He has revisited themes and places to see them through eyes that are not as clear as before. “Expressionism” prevails in his works whether he likes it or not. He believes you need a sense of humour and fun to contend with those who want to control and shape the daily lives of others.

If “art equals life”, then this is one persons view of what was happening in his view of the world. The works included in this exhibition wrestles with the thoughts and observations of an individual who has a keen eye for a visual answer to the cynical and the hypocritical.

‘Politics, Landscapes and Memories’ will be showing at Tussock Upstairs Gallery from April 28th to May 24th the opening of the exhibition will be on Saturday May 2nd 3-5pm. Chris will be one of the artists speaking about his work on Sunday May 24th as part of the Queenscliff Literacy week Festival. Joel Wolter and Bevan Shepherd will also be speaking about their work at this time.