Regular exhibitors at Tussock Upstairs Gallery, Jenny Laidlaw, Robyn Mackay, Tom Wells, Josh McCrimmon, Priscilla Fenton, Pip Matthews and Denise Rogers are presenting new works in the second summer exhibition at Tussock Upstairs Gallery.

Jenny Laidlaw, is well known for her children’s artworks that are full of detail and vibrant colours often featuring Australian images will have new hand coloured works for visitors to enjoy. Her work takes you on a journey into a world where the line of memories and reality are blurred.

Robyn Mackay will be showing new and exciting mono prints that incorporate the physical aspects of what you see and how each element relates to each other as well as what you know and feel about it.

The December Collection will provide visitors to the gallery with a wide range of prints and paintings that show a variety subject matter, color, texture and materials to view and enjoy.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 19th December and visitors are welcome to join the artists for drinks between 3pm and 5pm. The exhibition will be on until January 3rd 2016


Image 6     Image 9    Little Creatures - Squirrel III

Denise Rogers                            Priscilla Fenton                         Pip Matthews

Image 4   Image 10   Image 8

Tom Wells                                   Robyn Mackay                      Josh McCrimmon