Artist Profile – Pip Matthews

Pip Matthews is a Melbourne printmaker and lawyer who has been visiting Point Lonsdale since her childhood.

Pip’s works include limited edition etchings, hand coloured linocuts and reduction linocuts. Her works feature fictional birds and flowers and nostalgia. Many also incorporate literary references or plays on words.

Pip’s work is inspired by printed and embroidered Asian and Indian fabrics and curios from centuries past, as well as the works of historical and contemporary artists and printmakers, including Odilon Redon, William Morris, Florence Broadhurst and Mirka Mora.

Pip’s works are generally stamped with her red seal or “chop”, which symbolises her family and twin children. Pip designed the seal and had it carved by a Chinese seal-maker living in the States.

Pip prints her linocuts on a crotchety old printing press in her garage in Canterbury, Melbourne. Etchings are created at Rambunctious Press in Richmond.