Gillian Turner, on her return from an international residency in Ireland during July 2011 Gillian continues to explore the landscape an area researched intensively through literature, visual and performance arts. She explores the fleeting, the impermanent and the rhythms of the land using a range of materials and at times exposing the paper to wind, rain, hail, the sea and sand 

Robyn Lowe works reflect her passion for the beauty of nature with the use of colour and form. Robyn completed her Bachelor of Arts in 2012 at Deakin University – Waterfront Geelong

Shelley Jardine currently a student at Deakin Waterfront Geelong is studying printmaking and painting. The works in this exhibition show the range of skills she is exploring which include abstraction and intimate studies of nature  Her paintings aim to question what the eye sees. Color, placement and scale play on the subconscious. Shelley is interested in the viewer’s idea and perception of the interaction and the spatial effect of color. The print series are an escape to another time and place, one where beauty and extravagance made no apologies. Self identity and raw emotions are captured in her photographic documentation of the mundane and unnoticed. Once viewed upon more closely, another story can be told…

Robyn McKay a third year student at Deakin Waterfront Geelong explores the landscape through a range of mediums, paintings, woodcut prints and monotype prints depicting plants, animals and abstract shapes found in the local area

Annita Peters has a passionate drive to draw the human figure.  Annita believes that Life drawing is a dynamic interplay between the energies of the artist and the model.  Her drawings play with distortion of the human body on paper.  Annita expands areas of the body and extends lines of form.  Her intentions are to engage with the physical nature of our being and to explore a sense of space within the body.