Graham Jones a well-known international design consultant based in Mornington will be exhibiting his new paintings of landscapes and seascapes at Tussock Upstairs Gallery for the first time in The November Collection. The first of the gallery’s 2015 – 16 summer series of exhibitions.

Previous exhibitors at Tussock Upstairs, Melbourne based artists Lyn Davis, Anne Hastie, Darin Frankpitt and local artists Sis Gardner, Linda Gallus and Michael Ryan will all have new works on show

The November Collection will provide visitors to the gallery with a wide range of works that include interesting subject matter, color, texture and materials to view and enjoy.

Secret Place 7    Image 8 copy

Michael Ryan                      Sis Gardner

Image 6 copy    Image 4 copy

Darin Frankpitt                    Lyn Davis

Homage to Cheetham Salt Works - Moolap 2     Anne Hastie

Linda Gallus                        Anne Hastie