‘Spring Spaces 17″ Sept 16th – Oct 29th

We are commencing our new series of exhibitions after winter breaks. Spring Spaces 17 is an exciting exhibition of new works by many of our regular artists.

Roma Burge, Priscilla Fenton, Anne Hastie, Jane Kempe, Libby Letcher, Robyn Mackay, Helen Martin, Lance Nutt, Ivana Pinaffo, Stanley Spargo, Gillian Turner, Paul Waycott.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 16th. Opening drinks being served 3-5pm


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Winter Stock Show 17

We have had a break and decided to put up a winter Stock Exhibition. Many of our regular exhibitors are represented.


Janet Goldman, Michael Ryan, Patsy Bush, Sue Cumming, Bevan Shepherd, Paul Waycott,

David Jarman, Tim Pescott, Anne Hastie, Lance Nutt, Nigel Lazenby, Jane Kempe, Josh McCrimmon

Our regular unframed works are on show along with a range of jewellery and ceramics


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April Exhibition 17

A broad range of art works demonstrating many art style and techniques are now on show at Tussock Upstairs.

Artists exhibiting include:

Ros Atkins, Roma Burge, Sue Cumming, Priscilla Fenton, Katrina Fisher, Deborah Fisher, Janet Goldman, Anne Hastie, Adrian Keats, Jane Kempe, Michael Ryan, Paul Waycott

Many other works by regular exhibitors are also available to friends of the gallery to enjoy and consider purchasing

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The Autumn Weekend Art Fairs

Autumn Weekend Art Fairs

Opening Drinks Saturday 11th March 3pm – 5pm

Open each weekend (including Labour Day)

March 11th until April 2nd 10am – 5pm

New artists – New works

Includes works by:
Roma Burge, Sue Cumming, Priscilla Fenton, Deborah Fisher, Darin Frankpitt, Janet Goldman, Jane Kempe, Nigel Lazenby, Ivana Pinaffo, Michael Ryan, Bevan Shepherd, Robyn Vellef, Paul Waycott


Michael Ryan               Paul Waycott       […]

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The Summer Arts Expo – 2016 / 17

Tussock Upstairs will have an exciting range of new works for visitors to enjoy over the summer holidays. Eleven artists will have paintings, prints and photography on show. As the holiday season progresses the artworks will be changed to freshen up the exhibition so that visitors will on return visits will see new works by […]

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