Artist’s Statement

I developed my love of art during my teenage years. Under the tutelage of my teachers at Ballarat and Clarendon College, Sue Ballard and Murray Dyer and Mitch Pearson at Ballarat School of Mines, I began to paint more earnestly.

At Uni I studied Fine Art theory as part of my Bachelor of Arts degree. I was exhibiting paintings of Australian homesteads at local art shows during these years. Over the years my style has evolved due to the influences of travel and environment.

Earlier works included detailed floral watercolors. I was then influenced by the art of Brett Whiteley’s,‘Lavender Bay Series’, and I consequently produced a prolific series of interior /exterior acrylic paintings, featuring the local coastline from Queenscliff to Port Campbell. These works are now part of the collection of local and overseas clients.

I have become more interested in abstraction during the last ten years, and I have experimented with different techniques, and produced a series of works where I worked the canvas from all sides, as I admire greatly the work of Jackson Pollock.

Having retired from a teaching career, I have recently travelled Australia quite extensively, often off road, visiting numerous remote Aboriginal communities, where I became fascinated, particularly by the Balgo artists of the Tanami Desert, with their use of colour and line work.  I have worked in situ to produce artworks that depict the watercourses and landscape of arid Australia. I have tried to capture the feeling of aerial view; drawing my inspiration from indigenous artists and from the environments I have camped in.

I also was greatly influenced by the intensity of the vivid colors and line patterns of the ocean along the W.A. coast and line work and pattern features strongly in these works.

I am now influenced by a sense of rhythm, rhythm of our great rivers, water movement and the rhythm of our ocean waves. I am still working with line and circles, but the concept of rhythm is what I am working to fulfill.

My artwork is varied and my style continues to evolve as I become excited about a topic or an environment or a mood.

I continue to be influenced by colour, line, shape and movement and more recently rhythm.